GPS Watch / Tactical Edition

GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition
GPS Watch / Tactical Edition

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(1) GPS Watch / Tactical Edition

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This rugged GPS watch is mission-ready and built to withstand the toughest environments. Garmin's Tactical Edition watches are constructed to U.S. military standard 810G for thermal, shock and water resistance (rated to 100 meters) and include a chemically strengthened display with night vision compatibility mode. Tactical-specific features include stealth mode, Jumpmaster, waypoint projection, dual-position GPS formatting and preloaded tactical activity.

  • Built for the rugged outdoors so that you can move how you want without worrying about damaging your watch
  • Track heart rate and stress levels
  • Built in sports apps allowed you to use pre-loaded activity profiles for running, hiking, biking and more
  • Receive emails, texts and alerts right to your watch when paired with a device for easy access
  • Connect with Astro or Alpha dog devies to receive dog status updates
  • A variety of band accessories allows you to show off your individual style
  • See stats and track goals with the Garmin Connect app

Does AHF even check my credit?

As part of our approval processes, AHF will check credit history and creditworthiness and rely upon customer reports and information obtained from third-parties in considering your application. We do check credit sources; however, we look at many other data points to make a final decision and we regularly approve customers that other stores won’t, including customers with less than perfect credit or very little credit history.

What about a security deposit?

No rental agreement with AHF requires a security deposit. Simply pay your first month’s rent at the time your agreement is signed.

How and when do I make my payments?

As an AHF customer, our flexible payment plans include low bi-weekly or monthly plans, and 3 months or 6 months “same as cash” options. Your local store will accept cash, checks, money orders, and all major credit cards. Take advantage of our easy automatic payment option when finalizing your agreement and simplify the pressures in your life.

Can I pay out my lease early?

Yes. AHF offers a “same as cash” option for all our products that is available to any customer regardless of your current agreement. If you choose to payout your merchandise early within the applicable “same as cash” period, you will pay the cash price, plus tax and applicable fees (if any). Contact your local store to determine what savings you qualify for.

What is AHF’s return/refund policy?

Once your item has been delivered, you can contact your local store to schedule a time for return or pick-up as stated in your agreement.

Display Resolution:  128 x 128 pixels
Dimensions: 0.6"W x 1.7"W x 1.7"H
Battery Life: Smartwatch mode: Up to 14 days, GPS mode: Up to 16 hours, UltraTrac mode: Up to 40 hours
Display Size: 0.9" x 0.9"
Strap Material: Silicone
Bezel Material: fiber-reinforced polymer
Memory: 16 MB

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