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Why Shop with Affordable Home Furnishings?

When purchasing a new home, most people refer to the expertise of real estate agents that have been and will be selling homes for years. When cultivating the landscape surrounding your home you might seek out specialized professionals and shop local garden centers for plants and ideas. Why accept less expertise when you need to fill your home with furnishings and appliances? Stop and think about it. If you want the right help -- go to the experts!

We have been in the home furnishing and appliance business for over two decades. That's what we love, that's what we do, and that's what we know. We are locally owned and operated and it’s our business to know everything about the most popular and reliable brands around. Our long-standing relationships with the biggest manufacturers is built on mutual trust and our experience enables us to know their products inside and out. The result? You get exceptional service for the life of your home furnishings and appliances.

Come shop where experts can help you choose the right home furnishings and appliances to match your budget, style, and needs. Come shop where it's easy to protect your new investment with professional installation and servicing. Come shop where you are guaranteed to get your money's worth and can expect nothing less than outstanding advice and service.

Come shop with us.